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October 2023

India’s entrepreneurial landscape has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, with young entrepreneurs leading the way by developing innovative solutions across various sectors.

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Issue at a glance

  • 06Madhya Pradesh
  • NIC Madhya Pradesh plays a pivotal role in advancing e-Governance, ensuring efficient public service delivery and transparency.

  • 12Sikkim
  • NIC Sikkim State Centre has been making significant strides in providing a wide array of ICT-based solutions to enhance citizen service delivery within the state.

  • 18Kaithal
  • Recognized for its pioneering work in Digital Governance, NIC Kaithal has established itself as a leading ICT service provider for District Administration stakeholders.

  • 20Khowai
  • Since its inception, NIC Khowai District Centre has been a crucial force in providing technical support and fostering skill development among diverse stakeholders.

  • 22Mahbubnagar
  • NIC Mahbubnagar has been a cornerstone of technical support and skill development among diverse stakeholders.

  • 24Ranchi
  • NIC Ranchi has championed the emerging technologies, successfully implementing various projects for all three.

  • 26Starbus
  • StarBus* is a premier online portal dedicated to enhancing the bus travel experience for both Intra and Inter-State travelers across eight Indian states.

  • 29eSampada
  • eSampada, launched on December 25, 2020, is a single online platform that consolidates all services provided by the Directorate of Estates.

  • 32Meri Panchayat
  • Over the past few decades, Panchayats have embarked on a digital transformation journey, evolving into professionally managed institutions.

  • 34Tejas VI
  • Tejas VI transforms data analysis/ visualisation for eGovernance through its user-centric design, integrating various data sources, and offering a wide range of visualisations.

  • 36Advanced Persistent Threats
  • In today’s interconnected digital world, where technology has seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our lives.

  • 38Emerging AI/ML
  • In the relentless pursuit of innovation, applications are harnessing the remarkable capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

  • 40Appscape
  • Mobile technology has emerged as a primary tool for governments to serve their citizens.

  • 42In the News
  • Hon’ble President of India Launches Redeveloped Website and Releases E-Book to Chronicle One Year in Office.

  • 46International eGov
  • Project AMBER Empowers Women and Underprivileged Groups with Cloud Skills Training.

  • 48Accolades
  • SVAMITVA and Mission Antyodaya Earn Gold and Silver at National e-Governance Awards 2023.

From the States


Madhya Pradesh State

Towards a Transparent and
Responsive eGovernance


Sikkim State

Supporting the government
through ICT

Secretary MeitY
visits NIC HQ

S. Krishnan

District Informatics



Pioneering Excellence in
Grassroots Digital Governance


Khowai, Tripura

Transformative IT Initiatives
Shaping District’s Future


Mahbubnagar, Telangana

Making Citizens believe in
impact of e-Governance


Ranchi, Jharkhand

Pioneering ICT and e-Governance for
a Digital Jharkhand

e-Gov Product & Services

Technology Updates


Advanced Persistent

Threat Landscape and Countermeasure


Emerging AI/ML
Attacks and Risks

Navigating Emerging AI/ML Threats in
Application Security



Mobile technology has emerged as a primary tool for governments to serve their citizens. It has bypassed the need for traditional physical networks for communications and collaborations. It is also much more affordable and accessible, thus strengthening the nation through better citizengovernment interaction. To further nourish this interactivity, NIC has created a repository of more than 730 mobile apps available through both the Android and iOS platforms. This issue of Appscape covers some of the more popular mobile apps launched recently. These apps belong to different sectors such as Administration, Development, Finance, Public Distribution, Health and Education.

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