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Government email services
Government Email Service Enabling secure communication channel within the…
by Mohan Das Viswam, New Delhi -

The importance of Email Service was evident during the ongoing pandemic as it ensured that communication within the Government is not impacted by COVID-19 and continues to operate seamlessly. The service is the largest service of its kind ffered by…

PBOX Proctoring Based Online Examination System
by Dr. Dibakar Ray, Odisha -

PBOX provides the ability to conduct exam in a much scalable, secured and network resilient way with additional provision to be deployed in on-campus mode. It provides mechanism to do auto proctoring powered by AI /ML on the edge device itself…

e-SHRAM Portal for Registration of Unorganized Labourers of India
by Mohan Das Viswam, New Delhi -

e-SHRAM is the first ever national database of unorganized workers. It aims at registering 38 Crore unorganized labourers engaged in construction, migrant workers, gig and platform workers, street vendors, domestic and agriculture workers, milkmen,…

NIC Rajasthan
Rajasthan State - Bringing the Government closer to citizen
by Tarun Toshniwal, Rajasthan -

NIC Rajasthan plays a vital role in implementing major e-Governance projects in the state. Playing a crucial role, it has been instrumental in creating innovative ICT solutions which have not only eased the life of common citizen but have also…

NIC Tamil Nadu State Centre
Tamil Nadu State - A Pioneer in Digital Governance

NIC Tamil Nadu State Centre provides consistent support to the Government of Tamil Nadu, Central Departments and PSU situated in Tamil Nadu, in their endeavours to fully develop e-governance solutions, specifically citizen centric solutions, for the…

Faridkot District, Punjab Transforming the Rural District into Advance Digital…
by AJAY RAMPAL, Faridkot -

Since its inception in late 80, the District Unit is a pioneer in designing, developing and implementing many e-Governance Projects with an objective to use electronic means to support and stimulate good governance. NIC Faridkot is instrumental in…