DevSecOps - Producing high quality, secure software at pace

Producing high quality, secure software at pace
by Mohan Das Viswam, New Delhi -

Enterprises across the world are demanding software release at high speed to meet business requirements. when software is developed at such speed, security should not be left behind which can only happen if security is built in to SDLC. Such requirements gave birth to technologies like Agile development, DevOps and DevSecOps.In this paper we describe the DevOps technology that enables Development team and Operation team to collaborate with each other on day to day basis such that operational issues and customer problems reduce to a larger extent. We also explain DevSecOp technology that allows security to be built in to the application through automation, cultural shift, application security programs, etc. In the end we describe what technologies and tools NIC is providing to the developers to implement DevSecOp across organisation.